XA'XTSA vision statement

To be a community that our members call home.

We will create and maintain a healthy life style through self-sufficiency, promotion of Ucwalmicwts & our culture, infrastructure, and recreation opportunities & services.

We will be a self-governing, self-supporting, equal and united community.

We will be the eyes, ears and voice for the present and future, protect our children, and create a secure path for all other future generations.


The name 'Port Douglas' originates from the colonial period, when the town, one of the earliest to be established in British Columbia, was erected adjacent to the present First Nations community in 1858. It was the starting point on the famed Harrison-Lillooet wagon road, also known in historic times as the Douglas Portage. Thousands of miners from all over the world stopped in Port Douglas before undertaking on this less than comfortable trail, which led to the Fraser River and on to the Cariboo gold fields. The town reached its economic peak between 1859 and 1860, but after the completion of the Cariboo wagon road through the Fraser River Canyon, traffic through Port Douglas was...

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